Eight benefits of wooden furniture
01 Feb

Eight benefits of wooden furniture

1  Natural health and environmental protection

Health and environmental protection is the most important index of solid wood furniture, environmental protection, health, natural, wooden furniture reveal the original and natural beauty. Wooden furniture from color analysis, is its natural color. Muzhise furniture is natural and no chemical pollution, which is the choice of health and fashion, conforms to the needs of urban modern people advocate nature.

2. solid durable

Wooden furniture durable solid, common plate furniture life is 3, 4 years, and solid wood furniture is at least 6 times the service life of board furniture, if it is a good wood furniture, using sunmao structure, is more enduring.

3. hedging and appreciation

Solid wood furniture is generally valuableness, if the material, good production, and a lot of room to appreciate.

4. exquisite workmanship

Solid wood furniture is generally exquisite carving, because wood is suitable for carving, products are exquisite.

5. comfortable and warm

Pure solid wood material will give you space to bring nature atmosphere, keep home from the cold and cold steel and modern materials alike; At the same time, can bring a moist" wood gas" to the home environment, so it is popular with high-end consumers. Its advantages are natural, natural texture, changeful form, furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood. Solid wood home is own unique style personality, and set natural essence and a body, brick.

6. wood has spatial humidity control performance

When the relative humidity of the indoor environment changes, wooden furniture or indoor decorative materials can absorb or release moisture from the environment, so as to ease the change of humidity. Wood has excellent absorb and desorb, so it has obvious humidity regulating function.

7. wood has good acoustic properties.

Wooden furniture and indoor decorative materials can make sound more muted during communication, clear sound during conversation and sound insulation.

8. wood has good tactile characteristics.

Wood and wood-based panels give people feeling mild, moderate and moderate degree and smooth degree, can give a suitable stimulation, cause good feeling, and then regulation of human mental health.

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