What about the wooden furniture?
01 Feb

What about the wooden furniture?

One, why cracking?

Because every wood has a best moisture content, and less than the best moisture content, wood cracking, greater than the best moisture content, wood will be moldy. Also because many of the furniture is in origin, and the environment of wood is generally relatively moist. The home environment does not guarantee the best moisture content of wood. At the same time, the best moisture content of each wood is different. And wooden furniture in transportation and use will inevitably hit, meet the change of moisture content, finally lead to cracking.

Ii. what to do after cracking?

1. prepare some used newspapers and cut them with scissors.

2. add the amount of alum in the wastepaper, and stir well.

3. pour the mixture of shredded paper and alum into a prepared container, and add a little water and stir again.

4. place the container on the soft fire, and boil the paste paste. The cooking process needs to be constantly stirred.

5. fill in the cooked glop mixture into the cracks in wooden furniture, waiting for its natural drying.

6. use face or special furniture repair pens to color the filling area to coordinate with the color of the whole wooden furniture.

Iii. how to prevent cracking?

1. be careful.

The transfer of solid wood furniture should be stable, light and flat. In the transfer process as far as possible to prevent damage, put a stable, when the situation is not stable, to padded some cardboard or cardboard to make it smooth.

2. stay away from heat sources

Solid wood furniture should also stay away from heat sources. The solid wood furniture to prevent the sun direct, due to the intense UV light on the simple paint surface fading, affecting beauty. Heating, kerosene lamps and other heating equipment are too close to the furniture deformation. Wireless electric Kettle, drinking water boiler and other objects placed in solid wood furniture will make it" burn." If the hot metal utensils placed on the wooden table, attention must add a potholder.

3. commonly used on Wax

Solid wood furniture is also exquisite, when scrubbing to use soft cotton, cotton cloth can be weichao, but not wet, and should follow the wood grain, to prevent the use of alcohol and other chemical solvents or cleaners to scrub, prevent corrosion of furniture paint, and crack. In order to prevent the use of a period of time, the furniture will appears dim, faded appearance, can be timed to the furniture to wax the corresponding disposal.

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