Maintenance tips of mahogany furniture
26 Jan

Maintenance tips of mahogany furniture

   First, redwood furniture and general furniture is different, it is wet, avoid drying, so mahogany furniture especially should not be exposed to the sun, avoid air conditioning to the furniture.

Second, the mahogany furniture should be zangwu, the storage objects, not to exceed the door frame, if often the hard squeeze, will cause the deformation.

Third, the mahogany furniture is generally crisp, such as the desktop, Seat. Often attention should be paid to prevent bumping, if in use or moved, the department appears tuosun, must be Again sealed again after use.

Fourth, redwood furniture is generally used years, so often to protect the furniture surface paint, preferably every three months, with a little polish once, not only to increase the beauty of furniture, but also to protect wood.

Fifth, to prevent alcohol, banana oil and other solvent daofan. Otherwise, will make the furniture surface" scar ". When the furniture surface is stained with dirt, use mild soap and water, after drying, and then wax again, to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other Solvent base liquid, or will wipe the surface paint and paint gloss.

The walnut oil for maintenance furniture is only suitable for furniture that is not painted or handled by waxing. The use frequency should not be too high, usually 2-3 months use once, in a relatively dry environment can be reduced maintenance interval, a month or so to maintain.

Also have a special reminder: although walnut oil can" dry ", but usually use a certain amount of attention. Oil has the characteristics of dust absorption, the use of the general assembly to dust the dust, to produce the feeling of oil.

Warm cue

The purchase of walnut oil needs attention is that the market oil generally is bulk, often adulteration phenomenon, if the oil is more cloudy or more impurities, the best not to buy. In addition, the pure walnut oil is not frozen when it is cold, and the other ingredients are often poorer.

If there is no walnut oil, you can follow the ancients' cloth ( preferably not to use fiber cloth ) wrapped in walnut kernel grinding, the effect is very good. Walnut oil has a health care effect, but because of the processing technology and processing conditions, walnut oil used to wipe furniture must not be edible.

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