Introduction of wood: big fruit red sandalwood
21 Feb

Introduction of wood: big fruit red sandalwood

Big fruit red sandalwood, commonly known as Burma Bubinga, mainly distributed in Indochina ( Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, western and Singapore, big fruit ), high density, heartwood is Orange, red, red, yellow or yellow, often with dark stripes; The most obvious characteristic is the strong Fruity, the new view aroma is more obvious, the aroma is distant mellow, not make public; Big fruit red sandalwood wood grain clear, structure xiyun, some parts have obvious tiger, off and on is beautiful, color slight red, wood grain is blush, the overall look like flesh color; In addition, after soaking in extracted with water red sandalwood, the leaching solution showed obvious brown or light yellow.

Red sandalwood is listed as a kind of rare wood.

Big fruit red sandalwood grain clear, structure xiyun, some parts have obvious tiger skin, very beautiful. And color slight red, the wood grain is blush, wood has a kind of tanxiangwei also called xianghuali. Its xiangyou is far full-bodied, material hard heavy, high density, so it is used in the production of traditional furniture.

Big fruit red sandalwood, trade name burmapadauk, pradeo, maydo, is a tall deciduous tree species. According to the classification of the national standard of Chinese" redwood" ( GB / t18107 ), the mahogany, scattered, and semiring tend to be obvious. The growth ring is quite obvious. Heartwood, brick red or fuchsia, often with dark stripes; The scratches were visible to the obvious, sawdust extract was slightly yellow-brown, releasing or absent. The tube hole is larger in the growth ring, and is visible to the naked eye; The tangential diameter of the largest 269 μ m, with an average of 127 μ m; Few to slightly less, 1 to 15 / mm2, often containing yellow sediment, with a rich aroma. The axial parenchyma is obvious to the naked eye, the main is tongxincengshi banding / juyizhuang and thin wire ( 1 ~ 4 cells ). Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood ray is visible under a magnifying glass; Ripple mark is obvious or obvious in magnifying glass; The radiological tissue is single row. Strong aroma; Fine structure; Texture interlace; Gas dry density 0.80 ~ o.86g / cm3.

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