Wood knowledge: pterocarpuserinace
26 Feb

Wood knowledge: pterocarpuserinace

 pterocarpuserinace. : mainly mainly in tropical Africa; Other areas: Gambia, côte d' Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal, northern Mozambique, and other African countries have produced. Texture Staggered, tip part is straight, the structure is finer and uniform. The new facai has a smell, longer fade or disappear. Sawdust was chewed up in the mouth, saliva turned brown, and the mouth was slightly smooth feeling. Strong luster Liangzhong The author put the specimen from the pen type measurement of 15 %, put in the water, no water, but not drive down the sideline. According to the physical and mechanical properties of tropical wood in France ( 1955, 1964 ), hedgehog reported to Senegal in Senegal ( neighbouring country of Gambia ), Dry shrinkage: 3.5 %, tangential 7.4 % and volume 8.8 %. Gas dry density 0.85 / cm3. 154 strength 154 MPa; Kangwantanxing modulus 11375.7 MPa; Along the grain compressive strength of 66.3 MPa; Cross grain compression; Strength of 2.4 MPa; Shear strength of 1.8 MPa; Resistance to 19.8 n / mm; Hardness 11.2 n.

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